Strengthening Calaveras Families


Connecting families with community supports to increase the health and well-being of children in Calaveras.

First 5 Calaveras serves as the lead agency for “Strengthening Calaveras Families” which consists of First 5 Calaveras, Prevent Child Abuse Calaveras, and programs funded under the Behavioral Health Services: Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63)


Strengthening Families through the Five Protective Factors

Evidence supports that these Five Protective Factors are present in strong families:

  • Relationships
    Developing a bond of strong, warm feelings with my child and forming a healthy bond and attachment.
  • Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
    Understanding how children grow and develop and applying effective, nonviolent discipline techniques appropriate to my child’s age and level of development.  
  • Parental Resilience
    Gaining an awareness of my own challenges in parenting and learning ways to handle everyday stressors and recover from an occasional crisis.
  • Social Connections
    Feeling encouraged and supported in facing the daily challenges of raising a family.
  • Concrete Supports
    Learning about community resources such as child care, health care, education, counseling, housing, or food helps me ensure the health and well-being of my child. Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs there is, but raising healthy, well-functioning children is one of the greatest contributions a parent can make to society. Parenting is a learned process that results from a combination of having a positive role model for parenting, strong support in the learning process, and access to accurate, helpful information.


Parent Education, Support, & Workshops

FREE Parent Education classes are offered on various topics to support Calaveras parents and guardians in raising children 0 to 17 years.

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For any questions or more information:

Rochelle Sweet


Strong Start School Readiness Tips Flyer

Training for Professionals

Training for Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, Supervisors, Therapists, Social Workers, and other community professionals.

Professional Training

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

1 December 2022

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

In 2018, First 5 Calaveras in Partnership with Calaveras County Office of Education and Calaveras Trauma Consortia held "Building A Trauma Sensitive School Community" Workshop with Steve Graner, NME Project Director from The ChildTrauma Academy. The Neurosequential Model in Education was developed by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., and the ChildTrauma Academy to educate school staff about developmental trauma and how to apply that knowledge in interactions with children whose development has been compromised by adverse childhood experiences.

Mindful Schools

1 December 2022

Mindful Schools

In 2015, First 5 Calaveras in Partnership with Calaveras Unified School District piloted The Mindful School Program for educators and students at West Point Elementary School. The purpose was to offer a neuroscience research-based approach to support teacher and student wellness. In partnership with “Mindful Schools” in Oakland, CA educators completed two 6-week online courses that supported a personal practice followed by a curriculum course for implementation in the classroom.

Currently, West Point Elementary, Mokelumne Hill Elementary, Copperopolis, and Mark Twain Elementary (lower grades) are implementing the practice at their respective schools.

Watch and hear from elementary school students learning to use mindfulness to navigate complex feelings in this short video created by Mindful Schools graduate & filmmaker, Julie Bayer Salzman.

Just Breath Video Link

Strategies TA Learning Exchange

1 December 2022

Strategies TA Learning Exchange

Strategies TA supports and inspires cross-sector networks throughout California to advance community-driven action to strengthen children and families, centered in equity and inclusion. Recorded training sessions available.

Mindful Schools Video Title