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April is Child Abuse Prevention month throughout the United States.

During this time of year, the community looks at ways they can promote prevention of child abuse and keep children safe from harm.

Child abuse is preventable when children have at least one caring, supportive adult in their life who believes in their potential and provides them unconditional support and care. Caring relationships have the power to build resilience, inspire, comfort, and transform children.

The Prevent Child Abuse Calaveras (PCAC) and Calaveras Court Appointed Special Advocates of Calaveras (CASA) will be recognizing individuals in the community who have provided remarkable support to children by being a reliable source of care, mentorship and advocacy. Coming alongside the nation’s efforts to prevent child abuse, the PCAC and CASA recognize April as Be the One Month.

The annual Light of Hope award nominees will be recognized in a ceremony to be held virtually on April 20th. Their name will be etched on a plaque which is displayed at the Calaveras County Court House on the Judge’s bench.

Please nominate an individual you know who has been an instrumental figure in the life of children. The person can come from any walk of life: parents, ministry, children’s clubs such as 4H, sports or scouts. You may submit more than one nomination.

General Information:

  • Nominations must be received no later than March 31, 2022.
  • Please mail or email the completed Nomination form to:

CASA of Calaveras, 400 Government Center, San Andreas, CA 95249


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All members of the community have a role to play in strengthening families to ensure children grow up safe, protected, and loved.

Child abuse includes general and severe neglect, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Our community and families are strengthened through social connections, relationships, knowledge, support, and resilience.

Research shows that parents and caregivers who seek help in times of trouble are more resilient and better able to provide safety and nurturing for their children.

Calaveras County agencies, schools, and organizations are working to bring attention to the long term impacts of toxic stress and to implement trauma-informed strategies to support families.

Each of us can step up and Be the One for a child.

Get Involved

There has been a shift in public attitude in recent years from why don't you stop this abuse? to how can I help stop this abuse?

Now is the time for people and organizations who are dedicated to protecting children to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to help prevent all forms of child abuse.

  • Learn more about child abuse prevention. By becoming knowledgeable, you might be more able to recognize warning signs of abuse, risk factors, or inappropriate behavior by adults. You also might want to join the efforts of PCAC to support children and families in Calaveras County.  
  • Report suspected abuse or neglect. If you have reason to believe a child has been or may be harmed, reporting it could save a child’s life.              

**LEARN MORE:   Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Come to our Meetings. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held every odd month on the fourth Thursday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm in San Andreas, CA.  All are welcome to attend. Email  or call 209-754-6917 for more information.
  • APPLY TO BECOME A COUNCIL MEMBER. Members serve 2 year terms and play a vital role as a decision maker in the policy and practice of child abuse prevention strategies. Click here for an application.
  • Support Local Efforts to Help Families.  Anything you do to help can reduce the stress that often leads to abuse and neglect. Donate your used clothing, furniture and toys for use by another family. Offer extra support to families when they need it, as in times of illness, job loss, housing problems and other stressors.
  • Be a Nurturing Parent. Children need to know that they are special, loved and capable of following their dreams. Make sure your child feels loved and secure, even when he or she did something wrong. Encourage your child instead of criticizing. Praise his or her talents and achievements. Spend time with your child doing things you both enjoy.
  • Seek Help if you need it. When the big and little problems of your everyday life pile up to the point you feel overwhelmed and out of control – take time out. Don’t take it out on your child. Talk to a friend, clergy, health care provider or other parents. Social service agencies staff are there to help and they understand it’s not easy to be a parent.
  • Communicate your Concerns with your child’s teacher or school administrator. PCAC, schools, and family-centered agencies are partners in connecting families to resources that help.
  • Know your Environment and your Neighbors. Learn who spends time with your children. Young victims know their offenders 80-90% of the time. They are family members, friends, neighbors, and babysitters.
  • Monitor your child’s television and video viewing. Children of any age can be impacted by witnessing violence. Exposure to violence leaves children feeling unsafe, scared and helpless. They may learn to view the world as a scary, unpredictable place at a time when they should be nurtured, exploring the world and learning new things.
  • Be a friend to a parent you know. Being a parent isn’t easy. Ask how their children are doing. Draw on your own experiences to provide reassurance and support. If a parent seems to be struggling, offer to baby-sit or run errands, or just lend a friendly ear. Show you understand.
  • Be a friend to a child you know. Remember their name. Smile when you talk with them. Ask them about their day at school. Show you care.

Do You Know the Quiet Symbol for Help?

Know the Quiet Signal for Help



2022 Light of Hope Ceremony - April 20th at 3 pm

Calaveras Court Appointed Special Advocates of Calaveras (CASA) and the Prevent Child Abuse Calaveras recognizes individuals in the community who have provided remarkable services to children by being a reliable source of support, mentorship and advocacy.

Congratulations to the 2021 Recognees for being the Light of Hope for a child: Kerry Cannon, Denise Combs, Amanda Drayton, Heather Gomes Rickerson, Lora Larson, Pam Kramer, Maggie Rollings, Justin Simko and Gregg Smith. View the video by clicking the picture below.

2021 Light Of Hope Ceremony Video